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WELCOME to the UMSL Wiki


Today's date: May 28, 2024

The UMSL Wiki is a Wiki created for the sharing and collaborative development of ideas and resources at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. To view or edit pages contained in this site, you must be a faculty, staff or student at UMSL. To access or contribute to the site, login using your UMSL Single Sign On (SSO) ID and password. Please explore the site and see what a great resource it can be.

Currently, there are 507 articles and 8,291 uploaded files.

Help Improve the Wiki!

Please consider contributing to the creation of new pages and the development of current ones. If you can't find the page you are looking for, or you want to add something to the UMSL Wiki please help us out and make the page. If you want to join the collaboration effort and edit, change or update an already existing page, please do. Here is a link to an editing guide on the Wikimedia site.

Please go to the Enhancement Suggestions page to submit or comment on ideas for future improvements.

UMSL Wiki Site Policies

Policies regarding usage and content can be found on the Usage Policies page. Accessing pages on or Logging into this site acknowledges agreement to these polices.

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Other Great Resources

Students can access online course resources through MyGateway.

Checkout how the Tritons are doing and upcoming game schedules at the Athletics Home Page.

See what's going on around UMSL at the Campus Calendar